Membership in the ICS Czech Section civic association is governed by ICS statutes, whose paraphrased version, concordant with conditions in the Czech Republic, are registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. Our company registration number is 22691847.

Application form

A membership applicant must complete the form, available from the section secretary. They must attach a brief curriculum vitae in English, and two photographs. After receiving three recommendations of existing ICS members, the application will be submitted by the secretary to the section committee, which will make a decision.

Approved applications signed by the section secretary and president will then be sent to the Chicago headquarters. The entire process takes several months, but subsequent to the approval by the section committee, the applicant is considered a member of the Czech Section.

Further details of proper and honorary membership are dealt with by the article section.

As of June 2015, our section has 4 honorary and 34 proper members.

A number of additional applicants are currently undergoing the selection process.